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It is especially in the area of motivation that astrology is such a powerful tool. No other method, technique, or theory can touch it. There are all kinds of tests, personality inventory tests, motivational tests, vocational aptitude tests available, but none of them get so quickly to the essence of individual motivations as does astrology.

I have absolutely no doubt about that; it works if you understand this great science. I highly recommend this book to anyone using astrology in their work with others, or to those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the modern astrological language. You can purchase the ebook, as well as the other titles from several places, including amazon. Thanks for this blog and for the investment you make in the sustainable change and growth for the planet.

If you really are serious about studying this amazing human science, his information is timeless. Stephen Arroyo opened my door to astrology too. Arroyo took astrology out of the cupboard and demonstrated its use as a life tool for me. I can not imagine having lived my life without the knowledge I gained study his and others works on a subject that feels so crucial to mankind.

Gavin, do you have any idea if Stephen has his own practice? You might be able to reach him via CRCS publications, his publishing company, for more up to date information. Name required. Email will not be published required. TopMenu Home Birthdays Contact. Independence for Scotland?

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Jivani Carlson November 5, at pm. Gavin November 5, at pm. Thanks for the response and kind words Jivani. I hope our paths cross again soon! Linda B November 18, at pm. Libras have a hard time keeping their own company, as they find interacting with others to be vital to their well-being. They prefer to have someone in their life they can truly share with. However, they must watch out for being in love with the idea of love, rather than the person themselves.

They can be rather romantic and become caught up in the moment, running thoughtlessly into a commitment before truly knowing the other person. Unfortunately, Libras are so sensitive to the vibes of those around them, that if there is disharmony, the Libra may allow others to get away with more than they should just to keep the peace.

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Libras are also so bent on keeping everyone happy that they may sacrifice their own well-being in the process. Trouble with indecision can be a tough challenge for a Libra to rise above. It is likely that many beneficial chances may pass them up while they are considering their options. They find it difficult to decide on one option when they can see the merit in all of them.

However, this allows them to be experts in counselling others because they can see the entire picture rather than being biased towards one side or the other. They must understand that they cannot be everything to everyone and learn when to stand their ground. Another issue for Libras are their tendency to work as little as they are able to get away with. They are not likely to be seen as hard-working individuals. It is not that they are lazy per say, more so that they require inspiration.

Librans are intellectuals with a creative mindset and outgoing personality. Often others will not be made aware of their mental activity due to their pleasing and sociable demeanour. This trait may instead come out in subdued methods of manipulation, which they are particularly gifted in. You prefer to filter your emotions through your mind and can come across as rather cool and emotionally reserved. Most people are unable to comprehend the way you handle your emotions and may come to believe that you are unfeeling.

This placement bestows a stable emotional nature. You often feel secure when you are involved professionally with groups and engaging in team work. You are innovative, unique, and advanced in your thinking; you utilise these traits to benefit humanity. Your relationships with your relatives may be less significant to you than the ties you hold with your friends as it is likely that you feel more bonded to those in your life that you have CHOSEN.

You require free reign in your connections with people and will take a step back from the relationship when others become too involved. A partner that is envious, domineering, and clingy will only push you away. You may find yourself involved with many partners as you tend to be curious. You have an aversion to the conservative and old-fashioned. You are naturally social and outgoing, advanced in your thinking, and self-sufficient. Your open-minded nature entices you to seek knowledge of all sorts. However, empathy and compassion is not a strong suit for you and you struggle to comprehend others on an emotional level.

On occasion your inner tension will manifest as expressing unconventional or extreme viewpoints, only for their shock value. You may also be detached, unpredictable, unyielding, stiff, selfish, and defiant.

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You are most gifted in being able to comprehend every angle of a situation and come to a diplomatic resolution to the problem. You are rational, harmonious, just, perceptive, and socially adept. You work well in a team environment. You are able to stay cool and focused on the issue at hand and remain impartial; this makes you well-suited to a career in mediation, politics, or consulting. You strive to keep justice in a harmonious fashion, regardless the circumstances. Highly artistic, you are able to work in creative endeavours or projects that deal with people of different cultures.

Your mind is logical and balanced, and you easily convince others of your viewpoints. You are adaptable and prefer to hear every aspect of a story. However, this trait can make you indecisive as you too easily comprehend each angle and it can be difficult for you to decipher which story holds the most weight. Comparing and contrasting, analysing continuously while finding interesting ways to explain your discoveries; this is what you are most skilled in. Deeply passionate, possessive love is one of your greatest yearnings.

The connections you acquire tend to be full of intensity and emotional highs. However, there may be a tendency towards envy and trying to control the loved the one. The more involved you are, the more possessive you will become; be mindful that you do not destroy the very thing you so wish to keep. Love for you is an all-encompassing state and you will hold onto whoever elicits this response in you, come hell or high water.

You expect your partners to live up to your high expectations of them. You may find yourself wary of the friendships your partner cultivates, believing that outsiders are not to be trusted. With you it is either all or nothing and if your partner ever deceives you, you can become ice cold, loathing them with matching intensity of the love that once was. When crossed, you do not give second chances. You are drawn to those who are a bit mysterious as you enjoy finding hidden caverns of depth. Others are magnetically attracted to your subtle allure and although there is much going on emotionally for you beneath the surface, you are not always comfortable expressing your feelings outright.

You may prefer to channel some of your emotional intensity into spiritual pursuits. Developing self-discipline will go a long way for you. There is a past-life karma that insists you conquer matters regarding sex and transformation or rebirth. Venus in Scorpio heightens your artistic abilities and brings focus to hidden affairs, lustful fascinations, obsessions, and unwholesome pacts and treaties.

With incredible will-power and ability to focus on a goal completely, when you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything. You have immense resolve and self-control and it is difficult to deter you when you have decided on a direction. If you are interested in something or have an objective in mind, you can become rather stubborn and are fascinated with the idea to such an extent that you think of little else. However, these directives of yours are usually kept to yourself; you do not like to give away too much in regards to what schemes you may be thinking up.

You are intuitive, observant, diligent, dedicated, focused, with a great magnetism and an iron will. No one could ever say that you are shallow, as still waters run deep with you and an animalistic nature dwells inside. It would be beneficial for you to develop self-control regarding your cravings in all forms, for when left unchecked these urgent yearnings can lead to destruction. In romantic endeavours, you must allow your partner freedom and space as you have a tendency towards treating your significant other as though they are an object that only you have rights to; when your possessive nature eventually surfaces, your partner may feel suffocated or frightened by the intensity.

You have a knack for understanding the way people work, as well as an ability to accurately interpret how someone may respond to any given circumstance. This can make it easy for you to use subtle tactics to achieve the outcome you desire; be mindful that you do not abuse this gift for your own personal benefit.

You can be rather set on the way you want something to manifest, with a powerful internal assertiveness that people may feel but cannot quite vocalise. You have mastered the art of subtlety, both in expression and in perception, and others may have difficulty deciphering your true intentions. You prefer it this way as you do not like to take action overtly, but rather choose to remain hidden until you see the perfect moment to strike. Nonetheless, you are a powerful adversary when challenged. Be mindful of health issues regarding your colon.

You are a diligent, effective worker and possess good executive abilities. You are capable and will pull out all of the necessary stops to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. Brave with immense internal fortitude, though you tend to keep your secrets to yourself. People are irresistibly pulled towards you. Assertive, passionate, and independent would describe your character.

Mentally, you can be very energised and productive. However, there is a tendency towards over-indulging in sensual pleasures, including extravagant cuisine, and this may create many problems and health challenges for you. You are likely fascinated by the mystical realm. A skill in healing others may develop.

Channel your drive towards enlightenment and benefiting mankind as a whole, possibly through philosophical means. A strong leader, with excellent administrative and managerial capabilities; you know when to be tactful. You are independent, traditional, well-organised, and proficient. You tend to be more reserved emotionally, seeming to others as aloof and uncaring. Affection is important to you, though you do not know how to go about acquiring or expressing it, instead you remove yourself from others. However, there are times when you can be harsh, temperamental, and envious; you must be mindful not to use dishonest tactics when realising your goals.

You prefer to be respected for being effective and proficient. In health matters, you are susceptible to diseases of the heart. The Houses in astrology are the stage. In the home, in health, in the career or in the marriage, to name a few. The Houses tell the story of where the action is happening, what type of people are involved and what sort of environment it is. When choosing a partner, you are likely to prefer someone who is highly respectable and high up on the social scale.

You want your relationship to somehow boost your social status, as pride is important to you; you need to be able to admire your partner. It is important to you that your partner inspires you to be yourself and helps bring forward your strong willpower and artistic capabilities. Feeling a strong need for security in your relationships, you are often drawn to someone assertive who works in a reputable position. This sort of person helps you to become more self-assured and allows you to increase your own sense of authority.

Equality is a key theme in your relationships, as any sort of imbalance of power will resort in conflict for you. Both parties must make sure to be fair when collaborating with one another. Feeling as though you belong together as a team and as family are important to you. Marriage and relationships play a significant role in your life.

You are likely to expect your partner be the assertive element in your partnership as you are more reactive than proactive. You may have a preoccupation with finding a substitute for the male parental figure in your life and at times insist your significant other fill these shoes. The way your Sun is aspected will determine the sort of partners you will attract. With a well aspected Sun, you will attract those that are considerate, honest, confident, strong-willed, honourable, and motivated to succeed. However, if your Sun is negatively aspected, you will instead attract selfish, pretentious, and controlling partners.

The greatest obstacles you face in a successful relationship are your insistence that things are done your way, as well as being arrogantly prideful. This placement suggests being admired and valued by women and you will likely get along best with females in general. Your emotional security is tied to your position in a group setting; you need to feel like you are included, otherwise you will suffer with destructive emotions and insecurities.

You may find yourself placing a large amount of effort into humanitarian endeavours as you enjoy nurturing others, especially in group situations. Your career is likely to involve social networking in some way. Perhaps you will acquire your professional position due to your acquaintances or they will be important to you during your career, often sticking around for a long time to come.

You may wish to heed the counsel of your friends as they may be more valuable to you than that of a professional. When choosing a partner, you look for someone who is well-informed and displays a sharp intellect. Witty banter appeals to you as well and it is important to you to be able to communicate easily and readily with your partner. Your romantic interest needs to be quick, curious, and clever to hold your attention as you often engage them in debate.

Relationships in general, especially marriage, are always at the forefront of your thoughts. A partner to you, whether they are a romantic partner or a business associate, must provide you with a good deal of mental stimulation. If they can challenge you or help you enhance your communication skills, all the better. You desire someone who will bring forward an exchange of ideas and inspire you to share your thoughts; you want them to understand you on a mental level more than anything else. It is likely that the person you choose will be very verbally expressive, analytical, and witty though may at times be critical, tense, anxious, and engage in arguments with you.

They are probably interested in the written and spoken word in general, as well as languages or communication of all forms. Traveling may be important to them and they may work in an administrative or technological field. It is advisable that you curb your critical analysis and tendency to argue with others, as this will help your chances to achieve a happy union. You are likely to rely on your partner to provide you with luxury and wealth, possibly even inheriting funds from them. Hard work is not your forte and you often lack self-control and the will-power to deny your desires; there is an obsessive attitude about sex.

However, challenges will come your way if you allow yourself to give into too many temptations. You are often drawn to mystical or supernatural subjects, as well as have an interest in restoring health. Self-sufficient, you are often stubborn in your desire to have things done the way you want them done. It is important that you learn how to negotiate in a harmonious fashion, as you can seem abrasive to others. Try to better collaborate in your interactions. Partnerships stimulate and invigorate your energy and drive.

This person may be competitive, aggressive, or combative as you enjoy someone who will dare you to defy your limitations. The competitive vibe between your partner and yourself runs high; it would be best for you to direct this energy into positive outlets or the high voltage may destroy you or your partnership. There is a tendency to poke and prod others as a way to test their reactions.

You enjoy a friendly opposition or contest with another. The thrill of pursuing something often intrigues and stimulates you more than what you achieve in the end. What you desire most is to engage in combat with your partner, who wins the battle is of no consequence to you. The person you marry will need to be feisty, optimistic, energetic, adept, brave, and bold.

The partner may be some sort of victor or defender of the people. If Mars is negatively aspected, you are likely to make a rash decision in regards to your marriage union, rushing in head first without reservations, only to regret your actions. To best succeed in your marriage partnership, it is essential that you practice using harmonious, diplomatic means when striving towards an objective, rather than using excessive force, aggressive tactics, and one-upmanship as you are prone to do. Marriage or romantic partnerships are likely to bring you prosperity or help you in some way.

You seek a partner who will open your mind to possibilities and inspire personal growth. They may be rather philosophical and broaden your knowledge in this subject, or possibly in religion or spiritual matters. It is likely that you have an inherent need to expand your mind or become a more moral, conscientious individual and you are drawn to a partner that will help you on your journey to do so.

The person you choose is likely to be successful professionally. If Jupiter is negatively aspected in your chart, this partner may not be morally sound and can be careless, selfish, unmotivated, narrow-minded, excessive, and deceitful. You have a talent for inspiring others to be giving and helpful to you, though in order to succeed in your partnerships, you must curb any inclinations towards dishonestly prideful behaviour and over-indulgence.

This is a difficult placement in regards to your love relationships as they tend to be emotionally distant and repressive. You may find that you harbour feelings of not being appreciated enough or truly loved. You would like to be viewed more favourable by your peers but often your demeanour can stifle these social interactions; you may come across as detached and uncaring.

It is important to you that others have a respect for you and you often feel tension because of this. You find that often you are only interested in pursuing things that are useful somehow; this extends to how you spend your free time. You find it very difficult to express affection and praise to your children and they may view you as oppressive. Children can feel like a heavy weight to you until you learn how to open up to them in ways other than gift giving; do not worry so much about how you are coming across and try to let convey the inner warmth you have inside.

Quite the original thinker, your ideas are inventive, fresh, and imaginative, though they are not usually conventional. You tend to communicate in ways that can sometimes baffle others as your thought patterns may be rather eccentric. You are rarely bored as you thirst for information and enjoy learning new bits of data.

Your mind is restless and it is important for you to find intellectual stimulation. Traveling seems to temper this craving; therefore you may find yourself away from home often. Relationships with family and your immediate community tend to be afflicted with an underlying tension that can be somewhat strained and stressful. There is an inclination to be unrealistic in regards to marriage or a romantic partner. The partner is likely to be a creative type who has a strong interest in spiritual matters or may act in an unclear, puzzling manner.

You may need to sacrifice a good deal for this person or for the relationship to continue. In addition, you are attracted to those you can save in some way, often from themselves; there may be issues with substance abuse for the partner. The idealised version of your romantic partner is likely to have more weight in your mind than who this person actually is. You may be brought to accept the harsh reality of their actual character at some point during the union. This realisation can produce great unhappiness for you and you are likely to feel as though they have fooled you somehow and that the entire relationship was a sham.

Be mindful to pay attention to the data that is actually in front of you rather than believing you are involved in a fairytale scenario. You will probably be attracted to an individual that brings your kindness and consideration to the forefront, someone that motivates you to be more empathetic. You often view this person as a perfect mate incapable of doing any wrong, fantasising about your romantic rendezvous together.

Your imagination is likely to get the best of you and this person is not alike the one you have fabricated in your mind. Another possibility is for you to become involved in romantic partnerships with either those you have a high regard for or persons that are down on their luck. If your Neptune is negatively aspected, your strong appreciation of their character may have been due to you being dazzled by outward circumstances and this potential mate abusing your empathy by misleading you into believing they were worse off than they were.

There is a tendency for your romantic partner to be emotionally fragile and require you to baby them. They may be artists or musicians, possibly performers, disinterested in material concerns or being a provider. There is likely a high sense of spirituality in your partnership and you find yourselves less interested in the physical aspects of this relationship and more focused a deep, divine expression instead.

Unfortunately, the flip side is that these types are fickle, undependable, and often only looking out for their own selfish needs or they may be disadvantaged somehow, anxious, phobic people or plagued with poor health.

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You may stay in unhappy relationships due to your inability to face reality in regards to your relationship or who your partner really is, deceiving yourself into believing that this is an ideal union or that you can somehow make it so. To achieve a happy and successful marriage partnership, it is imperative that you put aside your fantastical romantic notions and keep your feet on solid ground.

Pay attention to the facts that are presented to you, keeping both eyes fully open early on. Make sure to analyse the person and the situation clearly before venturing forward. Your interests tend to be uncommon. You are capable of expressing yourself originally and imaginatively.

The ability to create is important to you and you would do well to find a creative endeavour to satisfy this craving rather than conveying it sexually, as you are apt to do. Your romantic life seems to denote a preoccupation with sex and there may be underlying tensions to do struggles for power. You may find it a challenge to understand your children, and vice versa. The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac.

Sabian Symbol: A man is seen taking a siesta in Spain at noon. Kozminsky Symbol: Two men are untangling a net as a colorful plumaged peacock struts.

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Sabian Symbol: A man with much experience to teach, provides wisdom to the world. Kozminsky Symbol: A woman looks grievingly toward a tomb as she places her hand on it. Kozminsky Symbol: A solar eclipse.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart by Stephen Arroyo

Sabian Symbol: American Indians have moved camp and miraculously their homes are erected effortlessly. Kozminsky Symbol: A small bird sings on the back of a lion. Kozminsky Symbol: Lying on the shore sits an ancient warship. Sabian Symbol: In pioneer days, a community is inspired to build a house for one of its neighbors. Kozminsky Symbol: When a blacksmith pounds his anvil, sparks of bright light appear. Sabian Symbol: A revolutionary is spreading his ideas to the people. Kozminsky Symbol: Walking in a forest are two lovers and they see before them a beautiful butterfly and two white doves.

Sabian Symbol: Crowding the barn floor, dancing couples during a harvest festival are circling about. Kozminsky Symbol: Ivy is growing over a stone pile. Sabian Symbol: Three Masters hang on the wall of an art gallery with plenty of room. Kozminsky Symbol: Quarreling behind a pair of scales are two men. Sabian Symbol: A human soul, presenting itself as a toddler, looks for opportunities to reincarnate. Kozminsky Symbol: As one man looks on, two men toss coins up in the air. Kozminsky Symbol: An axe made of silver is seen shattering an iron shield.

Sabian Symbol: Starting on a canoe journey is a group of people. Kozminsky Symbol: Butterflies are flying around the head of Persephone who rises to the upper world. Toggle navigation. ARIES rising. Mercury blending with Jupiter. Sun blending with Neptune. Mars discordant to Saturn. Moon discordant to Venus. Moon harmonizing with Uranus. Sun harmonizing with Pluto. Moon harmonizing with Mercury. Mars blending with Jupiter. Saturn harmonizing with Neptune. Mars discordant to Pluto. Jupiter discordant to Saturn.

Saturn blending with Pluto. Neptune harmonizing with Pluto. Sun harmonizing with Saturn. Sun in Libra. Moon in Aquarius. Mercury in Libra. Venus in Scorpio. Mars in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio. Saturn in Leo.

Sun in 7th house. Moon in 11th house. Mercury in 7th house. Venus in 8th house. Mars in 7th house.

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